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    Moving In

    To facilitate a smooth and pleasant move-in day please read the following information about moving into your new apartment with The Copley Group. Prior to move-in, every apartment is cleaned, inspected and serviced by our maintenance department, and supplied with a brand new toilet seat, plunger and shower curtain. To ensure this service is completed, we assign a specific time for key pickup.

    Key Pickup

    Key pickup occurs on the first day of your lease unless you request a delayed move-in or would like your apartment to be painted and/or have the floors treated with polyurethane.

    Keys are picked up at our maintenance office:
    106 Queensberry Street
    Boston, MA 02215

    You may arrange with your broker to pick up the keys for you. Keys are available for pickup as soon as your apartment is ready for occupancy, which typically is between 2pm–5pm. Please schedule your moving truck to arrive AFTER 5pm as we cannot guarantee occupancy prior to 5pm.

    Moving Van Permit

    You will need to apply for a 1-Day Moving Van Permit from the City which allows the permit holder to restrict access to a portion of the street for a specified length of time. This is essentially reserved parking for your moving truck. Please take advantage of this service as The Copley Group does not have the ability to provide temporary parking permits.


    You will receive a blank label at key pickup. Please write your last name(s) on the label and place it inside the mailbox on the back wall. Please note your mail may not be delivered if you do not do so.

    Quality Assurance

    After moving in, if you are not satisfied with the condition of the apartment, please call our maintenance office and we will attend to the situation as soon as possible.

    Rent Payment Procedure and Information

    If you have any questions regarding our rent payment services, you may contact Resident Services at residentservices@thecopleygroup.com or 617-927-6960.


    Rent is due on the first day of the month.

    Methods of Payment

    1. Online Payments: Residents can make one-time payments or schedule recurring payments through their RentCafe portal. If you are a current resident and do not have a RentCafe account, please contact Resident Services at 617-927-6960 and we will send you your login information.
    2. Payment by Check: If you would like to pay by standard check or internet bank check, please make sure to include your account number on the check and remit payment to the address below:
      The Copley Group
      896 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215

    Returned Payments

    Any payment returned for insufficient funds from your bank will result in an administrative fee of $50.00 being charged to your rental account. After two payments have been returned for insufficient funds, all further payments must be remitted in the form of a money order or certified check.

    Last Month’s Rent

    Your last month’s rent deposit will automatically be applied to your account on the last month of your lease.


    Maintenance Office and Emergency Response Guidelines

    The Copley Group Maintenance Office provides 24-hour, 7-days-a-week maintenance service to its residents. Our goal is that all maintenance requests will be handled within 48 hours.

    Non-Emergency Maintenance Requests

    Residents can place service requests via phone or their online portal. To place a maintenance request by phone, please call 617-927-6960.

    Emergency Maintenance Requests

    Emergency maintenance requests include no heat, no hot water, water leaking into the apartment, overflowing plumbing fixtures, lock-outs*, and fires**.

    1. Emergencies occurring during Regular Business Hours:
      Call 617-927-6960
    2. After Hours, Weekends and Holidays ONLY:
      Call 781-642-1576
      This service is for emergencies after hours, on weekends, or on holidays only. Please do not call this number for routine maintenance issues or for emergencies occurring during regular business hours. It is extremely important that the After Hours number be called in emergency situations only. Non-emergency calls made to this number impair our ability to respond to actual emergency situations.

    *Lock-outs during regular business hours will be serviced by our maintenance department at no additional charge. If you lock yourself out of your apartment after our regular business hours or on a weekend or holiday, please call the emergency service. There is a $50.00 fee (paid in the form of cash at the time of entry) for this service. The Copley Group will not give entry to anyone whose name is not on the lease. You must provide positive identification that you are the occupant of the unit, or you will not be provided access to the apartment.

    **If there is a fire, call the fire department first, and then call the After Hours maintenance number.


    The Copley Group offers parking space rentals for residents and non-residents. For information regarding private, off-street parking, contact our Leasing Coordinator at 617-262-3930 or leasing@thecopleygroup.com. If you would like to rent a parking space, we will send you a Parking Agreement. Once we receive the completed form and payment, we will provide you with a sticker to place on the inside left of your car windshield.

    If your car is registered in the City of Boston, you may apply for a resident parking sticker. This permit will allow you to park overnight on neighborhood streets. For more information regarding resident permits, contact the Office of the Parking Clerk at 617-635-4410. Boston Resident Parking Permit applications may be found on the City of Boston’s website. You can download The City of Boston Parking Form from our website here.


    Residents are responsible for setting up all utilities that are not included in the rent unless otherwise noted. Utility companies must be contacted by the resident to make arrangements for service. The Copley Group Maintenance Staff will not be able to give access to utility people to hook-up your utilities, so you must be present when they hook up your utilities.

    Heat & Hot Water

    Included, except in garden level units where only water is included. In garden level units, heat will be included with your electricity bill.


    Not included. For setup, please contact Eversource at 1-800-592-2000 or www.eversource.com


    Not included. Gas is only needed if you have a gas stove. For set up, please contact National Grid at 1-800-233-5325.


    Not included. Available through local provider, Comcast, RCN and Starry. For setup, please contact:

    1. Comcast: 1-855-711-6156
    2. RCN: John Perry at 617-593-0122 or john.perry@rcn.net
    3. Starry (Internet only): www.starry.com/copleygroup
      Residents are eligible to receive 30 days of free internet! This includes setup and use of the Starry modem-router, lightning-fast speeds (200 Mbps up and down) and no contracts. Starry also comes with 24/7/365 local, white-glove customer service and 99.997% reliability, for $50/month flat. Sign up to start your free month at: www.starry.com/copleygroup.


    Laundry machines are located in your building and operated by CSC. Laundry machines are operated by using a Smart Card. A Smart Card can be purchased at either 106 Queensberry Street or 111 Park Drive. You can add value to your card online or by using the “Coded Value Adder Machine” located within every laundry room.

    If you are experiencing any problems with these machines, call CSC ServiceWorks at the toll-free number posted in the laundry room or download ServiceWorks Service Request App from the app store.

    Waste Removal and Recycling


    Dumpsters/barrels are located behind the buildings. Trash must be bagged securely in plastic bags and placed in the dumpsters.



    We encourage all of our residents to participate in our recycling program. Recycling is even easier now that Boston has implemented One Source Recycling. This means that anything that can be recycled may be placed in a container together (cans, glasses, paper, etc.) and no longer need to be separated. For Fenway Residents, plastic bags may be recycled at Shaw’s supermarket on Boylston Street in the bin by the checkout counters. For all other residents, plastic bags may be recycled at most supermarkets.

    Bicycle Storage

    Bicycle parking spots are available in many of our buildings at no monthly charge, but requires a deposit and you must register your bicycle with The Copley Group. For more information on using our bicycle storage rooms, contact our Leasing Coordinator at 617-262-3930 or leasing@thecopleygroup.com.

    Bicycles are not to be locked to fences or left in common areas. Unregistered bicycles stored in bicycle rooms and bicycles locked to fences or left in common areas will be removed without notice and a fee will be assessed. After 30 days, if the bicycle is not claimed, it will be donated to Bikes Not Bombs in Jamaica Plain.

    Butterfly MX Intercom Systems

    ButterflyMX is a system that allows you to grant building entry from your smartphone. The entry system and locks are on the exterior front door and only residents and mail carriers will have access to the main foyer.

    1. Register: Once you provide your email address to your property manager, you will receive a registration email. Click the link to register (use the same email address).
    2. Download: Once registered, download the ButterflyMX mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to your smartphone or tablet.
    3. Sign In: Once the ButterflyMX mobile app has been downloaded, open the mobile app and log in using the email address and password you created during registration
    4. Grant Access: When a guest arrives at the building you have 3 options to open the door.
      1. Mobile App: Go to the home screen, swipe to open the door.
      2. Mobile App Call: You will see a video of your guest and then press the “Open Door” button.
      3. Phone Call: Dial 9 once you answer the phone.

    For more information on ButterflyMX visit butterflymx.com/residents.

    Resident Referral Program

    The Copley Group is pleased to offer our residents a $400 credit to your account for each successful rental referral. Please contact the Copley Group Rental Office located at 106 Queensberry Street or call 617-247-3070 for more information.

    The Resident Referral program is only applicable for apartments rented with a Copley broker.

    Transferring to a New Copley Apartment

    If you would like to move from one Copley apartment to another, please contact the Copley Leasing Office at 617-247-3070 or rentals@thecopleygroup.com and make sure to mention that you are a current Copley resident. Residents who transfer from one apartment to another are responsible for paying a modest transfer fee instead of a full broker commission. In order to take advantage of the savings residents must work through the Copley Leasing Office.

    Moving Out

    Key Return

    Please return all keys issued to you by The Copley Group along with the Key Return Form within 24 hours of vacating your apartment in order to receive all applicable deposit refunds. Failure to do so will result in your deposit or deposits being retained by The Copley Group as indicated in your lease.

    1. Key Return Form: Please download The Copley Group Key Return Form.
    2. Key Return Drop Box: A key return drop box is provided for your convenience. It is located at:
      106 Queensberry Street (west side of the building)
      Boston, MA 02215.

    Deposit Refunds

    Refunds will be mailed to you within 30 days of having received the keys. The Copley Group will issue one check payable to all parties on the lease. Refunds will only be issued to those names on the lease. The Copley Group reserves the right to retain all deposits as partial or full payment of any amount due from the resident pursuant to the terms of the lease.

    Rules and Regulations

    Residents are expected to be courteous and respectful toward their neighbors and are responsible for observing The Copley Group’s Rules and Regulations listed below. For more information on rules and regulations please refer to your lease.

    1. Pets are not allowed in the Fenway properties. They may be allowed in other locations.
    2. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Please show respect for your neighbors.
    3. Trash should not be left in the common areas, hallways, stairwells, by the entry way, or fire escapes.
    4. Storage is available at some of our buildings. The Copley Group is not responsible for items kept in storage units. All items are to be removed when residents vacate their apartment. A lock will be supplied upon request.
    5. Common Areas should be kept clear. Nothing should be left in the lobby, hallways, stairwells, or common areas of any building. Please do not leave shoes in the hallway outside your apartment.
    6. Laundry Room hours are 8:00am to 10:00pm.
    7. Additional Locks on apartment doors are not permitted.
    8. Bicycles are to be stored in bicycle storage rooms located in the basement or in other designated Copley bicycle storage areas. Bicycles may not be stored in the hallway, stairwell, or common areas of the buildings and should not be locked to the fences outside of the buildings.
    9. Light Bulbs and Circuit Breakers/Fuse Boxes All residents are responsible for replacing light bulbs and resetting circuit breakers/fuse boxes in their apartments. Circuit breakers/fuse boxes, if not located in your unit, may be found in the basement of your building and are numbered by apartment. Please think “green” and use energy-efficient light bulbs.
    10. Roof Access is prohibited. Residents are not allowed access to the roofs.
    11. Mailbox and intercom should only feature resident’s names. Engraved mailbox tags are provided by The Copley Group.
    12. Radiators should not be turned off. If the temperature in your unit is too hot, please do not turn your radiator off. Call the Maintenance Office at 617-536-9339. Our staff will adjust the temperature. This is a balanced system and turning off the radiator throws the entire system out of balance.
    13. Outdoor Cookery is prohibited on The Copley Group property unless approved by The Copley Group.
    14. Windows should be kept unobstructed. Please do not hang anything on the outside of the windows.
    15. Smoking in building common areas and apartments is not permitted.
    16. Laundry Machines and Dishwashers are prohibited in apartments unless approved by The Copley Group.
    17. Air Conditioner Units must be removed prior to the winter season.
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